True Cloud Office

True Cloud Office combines the latest tech innovations with comprehensive IT solutions built for the modern business. Through massive gains in efficiencies and a more effective work flow, True Cloud Office enables you to multiply your output while at the same time cutting costs.

With this virtual desktop service in place, your business will be able to take advantage of the all-new ThinClient workstations, offsite server storage, and enterprise-class infrastructure. Cloud Computing Providers and True Cloud Office provide the machines, the servers, the training, and a 30 day migration at no cost. Once up and running, you’ll have a simplified portal for your virtual machines that enables rapid provisioning of desktop images and application deployment — regardless of company size or location.

Why True Cloud Office

True Cloud Office Cloud Computing Provider

True Cloud Office™ Benefits Include:

  • New free hardware including high end workstations and service/maintenance for the duration of our partnership
  • No need to ever buy another PC or server again
  • $0 Upfront investment – move from capital to operating expense
  • 30 day comprehensive migration at no cost
  • Lifetime Microsoft Office, email, anti-virus , and backup software upgrades free of charge
  • No more internet bill – we absorb your ISP bill in the monthly per user fee
  • Simple per user per month utility pricing

Cloud Computing Provider and True Cloud will manage your systems, data storage, networking, and server security so you can focus on meeting your organizational goals and serve your customers. With True Cloud Office, you can finally get rid of overhead management and the hundreds of small tasks and details required of more traditional systems. Upgrade to True Cloud Office to day and bring your organization into the modern age of organizational IT.


True Cloud Office provides globalized access to all your users via the cloud. This allows your team to sign into your virtual machines through ThinClient workstations via remote control — running at a fraction of the power and with twice the shelf life of traditional PCs.


Accessing your data across devices and from any location means streamlined end-user experience, allowing you to adjust to customer needs, collaborate with your team, and complete your work on the fly. With True Cloud Office, your team will no longer be limited by business travel or the location of your equipment.

True Cloud Office Cloud Computing Providers
True Cloud Office


True Cloud Office’s virtualization is powered by industry leader Avatara with comprehensive backup and disaster recovery. Your data is saved at log-on and log-off, minimizing data loss and keeping your computing experience a smooth one.


We provide the hardware — including ThinClients and servers — which means that you’ll never have to pay for separate internet bills or legacy hardware upgrade costs again. You’ll also get lifetime Microsoft and e-mail, antivirus upgrades all at a simple per user per month utility price with $0 upfront. We’ll manage your system so you can stay focused on running an efficient, effective business.

If you'd like to schedule an appointment to discuss your technology needs give us a call today at 844-ITCloud (482-5683)!