Telecom Services Auditing

Cloud Computing Provider’s telecom service program starts with a full audit of all the carrier services in our network. Once we have a summarized telecom inventory report, we identify any network with a significant surplus or deficiency. With this information, we create a diagram of your network alongside this inventory report to identify providers, circuits ID’s, phone numbers and the best approach to obtain significant cost savings while minimizing the potential for bottle necks and/or outages. The methods involved in our comprehensive Telecom Services Auditing, formed over decades in the industry, has proven time and time again to be the best way to create monthly saving for the operational budget of businesses of all sizes.

Choosing the Best Telecom Services
for Your Business

Telecom services auditing for our large inventory of services is a relatively straightforward but detailed process.  It starts by obtaining real-time pricing and telecom services selection data from dozens of our partner carriers across the nation.  Our database of telecom serviceability allows our team of telecom services professionals to quickly respond to your project inquiries & initiatives.

Ordering Telecom Services & Project Management

Negotiating contract term, price and legalities of the commitment between the telecommunications provider and our client is the core purpose of our business. Once the contract is executed, it is assigned to an internal order coordinator to ensure the progression of the order, coordinate installation and follow up with the customer on completion of order for any billing questions.

Full-Service Product Support

After the telecom services have been accepted, the Cloud Computing team is always just a phone call or email away. Our support team has extensive experience and resources at their disposal for solving any service or billing related issue.  Our primary goal is to ensure the your service is always operating at 100% from day one.

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